Tyron Ivins

Tyron is a musician, music producer, recording artist, and expert lyricist. 


My Work Story

Before leaving school, I hadn’t really explored music much. But all that changed in 2006, and now it’s my passion and career.

At 21 I launched Arise Ministries, an organization in South Africa with the sole focus of empowering local young musicians and church musicians. I led this organization for 10 years and saw countless lives changed through the power of music and Jesus Christ.

As a muso, I’ve led a few bands over the years ranging in genre from Rock right through to Electro-Pop. I’ve even dabbled in writing fun music for kids! Currently, any music I release is under my solo project, Major Max. 

I’d like to consider myself an Ableton Live veteran with over 15 years of living and breathing this DAW. I have trained loads of new and experienced musos to use this versatile software. I also love using Logic and Pro Tools.

At a very deep level, I believe that music takes us to a place in our souls where words alone cannot. This is why I devote a lot of my time to carefully crafting lyrics, beats, tones and melodies that tell a story. 

Right now, I’m focused on music production, both live and recorded, songwriting, and working on Noiseheaven with my wife, Lucy. 


Adventures & Experience

I’ve done a lot in my career!

I’ve toured South Africa and Denmark, partnering with YFC Denmark, multiple times with a few of my bands. Here we played at local schools, churches, and summer events.

A personal highlight was running New Year’s Festival called Arisefest that, in its final year, had over 2000 tickets sold.

In 2016, I led the tech team for the Bethel South Africa Tour. This was an intense and uplifting experience.

Here’s my latest EP – Start Again


Connect with Tyron

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