Christian Bands That Sound Like Switchfoot (6 Great Examples)

Grammy-award-winning rock band Switchfoot is arguably one of the most influential bands in the Christian music genre over the last 3 decades.

They have had the longevity and success that few other “Christian” artists have had.

But are there any other artists out there like Switchfoot?

Here are 6 Christian bands that sound like Switchfoot.

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But First… Switchfoot

Switchfoot released their debut album “The Legend of Chin” in 1997 and 25 years later they continue to write, record, and perform in packed-out venues all over the U.S.A and abroad.

The appeal of Switchfoot’s music is found in the band’s ability to write music that is vulnerable, honest, and real all the while inspiring hope and wonder in the days we’ve each been given on this planet.

Jon Foreman (frontman of the band and main lyricist) has the incredible skill of crafting lyrics that evoke genuine emotion and self-reflection.

As someone who is a massive fan of Switchfoot, I’d like to shed some light on some other artists and bands that hold some similarities to Switchfoot in some way or another.

Relient K

After sharing the stage with Switchfoot at many different festivals and tours over the years, Relient K is a band that a Switchfoot fan has to go check out.

Since 2000 they have released 9 studio albums and though their sound may differ slightly from Switchfoot, they have a similar feel in terms of lyrical content and metaphorical expression of the Christian faith.

As a band, they wouldn’t necessarily classify themselves as a “Christian” band, but more as a band made up of Christians.

Their sound ranges from Rock to Pop Punk, and they often vary their sound drastically from album to album.

Matt Thiessen (Frontman) has a voice and lyrics that will get you toe-tapping and meditating deeply about your life simultaneously.

Their songs focus on a wide array of topics; from the trivial to the critical and everything in between. Out of all the artists mentioned in this article, Relient K is arguable the most fun to listen to.

They find a unique way to write about life, death, and God in a creative and, often quirky, way.

You can find Reliant K’s music on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, you can enjoy their songs and music videos on their dedicated Youtube channel.

In our opinion, if you’re new to Reliant K, we recommend that you first listen to their 2007 album “Five Score and Seven Years Ago”.

Reliant K can also be considered to have a similar sound to Blink 182.

Tenth Avenue North

I first encountered Tenth Avenue North when I caught a snippet of a music video of one of their biggest songs “Love is Here” and it instantly resonated with me on so many levels.

Mike Donehey’s lead vocals reminds us of the warm, somewhat raspy nature of Jon Foreman’s (of Switchfoot) voice, as well as the creative way in which the lyrics wove in the message of the gospel.

Tenth Avenue North was active as a band from 2000 to 2021 and received much acclaim, especially in Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), including multiple Dove awards.

Their music mixes acoustic elements with beautiful piano and electric guitar parts. The melodies are the type that get stuck in your head and sometimes sink into the heart too.

What grabs the attention the most is that they seem to always strike a great balance between writing songs for those looking for unashamed Christian worship music and for a wider audience who are wrestling with life’s big questions.

You can find tracks by Tenth Avenue North on both Spotify and Apple Music’s catalogs. On their Youtube channel you can find additional content such as lyric videos, live recorded concerts and interviews.

We recommend that you begin your Tenth Avenue North journey with their 2012 album “The Struggle”.


Needtobreathe is a rock band that has been active for over 20 years and has released 8 studio albums.

They have toured and collaborated with Switchfoot and, like Switchfoot, have had fantastic success in bridging the gap between the secular and the Christian music scene.

Needtobreathe even scored an opening slot on Taylor Swift’s 2011 “Speak Now” tour, which highlights the musical weight they carry.

Their musical genre has a slight feel of country or gospel to it with tasteful banjo, organ, harmonica, and vocal harmony elements. But, at the center of most of their songs is a massive rock vocal performed by Bear Rinehart III and an arena-sized drum sound.

Their songs will have you playing air drums in your car proficiently before you even get to the end of one of their records. If you don’t believe me then take a listen to “Keep Your Eyes Open” or “Oohs and Ahhs”.

Much like Switchfoot, their songs connect to people on a human level, and there is something for everyone.

This is unsurprising from a band that has spanned two decades and completed 8 albums – the only hope is that there are still more to come!

Take a listen to NEEDTOBREATH on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube.

There are two albums we recommend you immerse yourself in; The Outsiders (2009) & The Reckoning (2011)

Gangs of Ballet

South African Alternative Rock band Gangs of Ballet will be an act that surprises you.

Compared to some of the artists on this list, their following and reach may be smaller, but they pack a punch musically.

The brothers, Brad Klynsmith (Lead vocals, electric guitar) and Josh Klynsmith (drummer) have some of the best on-stage chemistry you will ever see. They can’t help but write catchy, soaring anthems that a crowd naturally catches onto.

Brad’s falsetto voice is dreamy and his brother’s drum grooves are tight. Their lyrical content is full of positive themes such as hope, love and making difference in this often dark and difficult world.

Gangs of Ballet formed in 2011 and sadly disbanded amicably in 2018/2019. But the great news that left us with 1 full-length studio album and 3 EP’s.

They truly are a hidden gem to be enjoyed! You can find their music on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

We highly recommend you listen to their album Yes/No/Grey (2013).


For King & Country is a dynamic Christian pop-rock duo whose popularity has risen exponentially in the last 10 years.

Their sound may be a little less rock and roll than Switchfoot, but there are definite similarities in their thoughtful lyrics and musical ability to lift the spirit of any listener.

Their sound is marked by fresh alternative production and great vocal harmonies.

The American Songwriter magazine suggested that For King & Country might be “Australia’s answer to Coldplay”.

This bold claim highlights the level of the duo’s musical dynamism and creativity.

To date, this Grammy-award-winning band has released 5 studio albums. Such is their growing popularity and influence on the Contemporary Christian Music industry that they have, in recent projects, collaborated with massive Christian artists like Tori Kelly, Dante Bowe, and Kirk Franklin.

As a personal side note to all of this, they probably have one of the best Christmas albums I’ve ever listened to!

You can find their music on most major music streaming platforms.

We recommended you take some time to listen through their incredible album “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong” (2015).

The Afters

The Afters is the last (but not least) band on our list of artists that sound like Switchfoot. Each project they release will be full of songs that are easy to listen to. They simply make good music!

After 6 studio albums and 23 years of performing, The Afters have found a winning formula of a great pop-rock sound and beautifully clean vocals performed by Joshua Havens.

Their songs speak of this life on earth being full of beauty and the expectation of hope beyond this life as well.

Songs “Light Up the Sky” and “Moments Like This” really encourage us all to enjoy the life we’ve been given and trust that God is always for us.

We recommended their album, “Life is Beautiful” (2013), which can be found on almost all major music streaming services.

Final Thoughts

As a music lover and Christ follower, it seems bands like Switchfoot are very few and far between in today’s music industry.

Finding music that is clean, inspiring, and thoughtful can be hard but not impossible. Truth be told, there are  some really good artists out there. Hopefully, this article has helped you discover a few more.

Additionally, the band’s in this article have not generally created music that is overtly Christian. Thus, their albums can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.


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