7 Great Christian Bands That Sound Like Metallica

If you like the Metallica sound, you’ll definitely find some bands below that you’ll enjoy.

It’s not always easy to find good Christian bands so I’ve tried to put together a list of Christian bands that sounds like Metallica.

Eternal Decision

This is another really great Christian thrash metal band from Edmond, Oklahoma, United States. They also have that original thrash sound.

They have released three full-length albums:

  • Selftitled (1996)
  • Ghost In The Machine (1999)
  • E.D.III (2002)

These albums are all great but you will probably want to start with the second album (Ghost in The Machine) and this one is also available on Spotify. It’s a really great and groovy album that will satisfy most listeners who are into fast thrash metal!

Here’s a track that will probably remind you of that signature Metallica sound:


They have lots of uptempo thrash metal songs and also slower songs so you should find something regardless of what type of Metallica sound you’re after.


If you don’t know Tourniquet, you’re in for a treat!

They’re some of the best Christian thrash metal out there, and especially the early records have lots of similarities with Metallica.

I recommend you start with the album Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance if you’re a Metallica fan.

Here’s a taste of what that album sounds like:


This is the title track from the album.

Tourniquet is one of the best Christian metal bands of all time and I personally grew up to these tunes in the 90s. Drummer Ted Kirkpatrick is still producing great albums with lots of guests from bands such as Stryper (Michael Sweet) and For Today (Mattie Montgomery).

The band has obtained great recognition in both the Christian and secular music scenes. They released several albums on Metalblade Records, one of the most respected metal labels.

You should also check out these albums:

  • Phsycho Surgery
  • Collected Works (best of combilation with an awesome new end track)
  • Stop the Bleeding


This is another of my all-time favorite Christian thrash metal bands and they also remind me of Metallica.

Especially the first three albums are thrashy and any fan of Metallica should take some time to give these albums a spin!

Deliverance is still going strong and they still have that great thrash sound. They have been a part of the Christian music scene for more than three decades and they have some really great lyrics.

Here’s a taste:


Here are some recommendations as to which albums you should start with:

Weapons of our Warfare (1990)
What a Joke (1991)
Learn (1992)
Camelot In Smithereens (1995)


This is another really original thrash metal band from the Christian metal scene. They recently reunited so you will both find great thrash albums from the 90s and more recent tunes.

Believer is definitely way more technical than Metallica, especially on their first three albums:

Sanity Obscure
Extraction From Mortality

You should start with these three albums and you will NOT get disappointed! They have a very unique style and sound that have influenced tons of bands such as Extol (a brilliant death metal band from Norway).

Here’s a track from Extractions From Mortality:


They have some really fast-paced thrash songs that you will love!


This band is also a classic that you need to check out if you’re into old-school thrash metal. Especially the album “Testimony of Apocalypse” from 1990!

They are brilliant musicians and they actually just released another album in 2021! Both this album and their album from 1990 feature some fast and excellent thrash metal songs.

Here’s a track from the 1990 classic record Testimony of Apocalypse:


They were formed in 1989 and they have been playing lots of shows both in the Christian and the secular metal scene throughout the years.

Their lyrics are “very Christian” if there’s such a thing and you will find a clear evangelical line across the song lyrics. It’s definitely worth googling the song lyrics to see for yourself.

Vengeance Rising

This is also a great Christian thrash metal band. They have influenced tons of bands with their fast thrash sound.

Expect lots of guitar solos and amazing guitar work!

You want to grab the early stuff before several members left the band to start the band “Die Happy”. Vengeance have a pretty bizarre story of going on tour and getting totally broke finansially which sort of broke up the band.

Here’s a taste from their album “Human Sacrifice” and the track is the title track:

Please also check out our article about top Christian bands that sound like Linkin Park.


I need to say that this is not exactly a thrash metal band, but any fan of extreme metal need to know these guys!

Extol is are more in the melodic and technical part of death and black metal genre. It’s a Norwegian band that I’ve had the privilege to share the stage with and also hang out with as I lived in Oslo for a year.

They are one of the best Christian extreme metal bands of all time.

Their earlier albums are probably more your thing if you’re mostly into thrash metal such as Metallica.

Start with this track if you’re new to Extol


This track is a track you only find on their EP called Paralysis which they released right after their second album “Undeceived” and it’s not as well known as their two first album tracks, but it’s a great place to start for any thrash metal head!

They went through a major lineup change after their first three albums and their style also changed significantly.

Their two recent albums have more similarities with thrash metal and are also worth checking out!

  • Burial (1998 )
  • Undeceived (2000)
  • Synergy (2003)
  • The Blueprint Dives (2005) <– more rock than metal
  • Extol (2014)

You will not get disappointed with these guys. There are good reasons why they released their albums on major metal labels and had top producers such as Tue Madsen working on their stuff!