Does Ableton Note Work on My Device? (We Checked)

Ableton Live is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) music producers and artists love; its clean and easy workflow and its stability during recording and live performance are just a few of the reasons it has amassed such a following.

In 2022, Ableton took songwriting and idea capturing to new heights with the release of Ableton Note. This app serves as a musical sketchpad perfectly suited for the early stages of music creation.

This app has the potential to be a useful tool in a songwriter’s arsenal, and this article will serve to answer how compatible Ableton Note is across different devices.

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More on Ableton Note

Although Ableton Note should not be considered a complete mobile DAW, it does offer a lot of very useful features.

The app comes standard with 56 Drum Sampler kits, 261 sounds, and 36 Melodic Sampler instruments, as well as an intuitive system that captures your samples, grooves, and arrangements as you create them.

There is a paywall to Ableton set at a reasonable 5.99 USD (4.99 GBP).

Does Ableton Note Work on Apple Devices?

Ableton Note is an iOS app designed for use on iPhones and iPads; this has been the case since its release.

It was never intended to be a fully functioning DAW on mobile devices but more of a way to capture basic musical ideas, which can be taken further in Ableton Live.

This app is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 15 or higher.

Does Ableton Note Work on Android Devices?

Unfortunately, at this stage, Ableton Note is not compatible with Android devices.

There is also no indication if there is any future plan to bring the app to any other operating systems.

That being said, we’ve compiled a list below of 6 recommended alternatives to Ableton Note for those looking for a way to capture some basic musical ideas.

6 “DAW-Like” Alternatives for Mobile Devices

Garageband (iOS) – Free

Most Apple users would be familiar with Garageband appearing as a free application on Macbooks and iMacs by default, and in 2011 Apple released an iOS version for mobile devices.

Using a very similar interface to Logic Pro X, its ease of use and the ability to share and work on projects between Apple computers and Apple mobile devices make Garageband a fantastic choice for Apple fans.

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FL Studio Mobile (Android) – Paid

FL Studio (previously known as “Fruityloops”) has been an incredible addition to the world of music since its release in 1998, offering users an easy on-ramp to digital music creation.

The mobile version, FL Studio Mobile, offers a similar layout and functionality as the desktop version and is a great option for Android users.

What stands out most is the compatibility and consistency with which FL Studio Mobile works across all devices (i.e., all mobile and laptop/desktop devices and operating systems).

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Roland Zenbeats (iOS & Android) – Free

Being made by one of the biggest names in the music industry, Zenbeats by Roland is a music app to seriously consider.

Roland has packed a massive amount of content into this one app, some of the standout features include their ZR1 Drum Sampler and ZC1 Synthesizer, as well as some of their legendary Juno and Jupiter sounds.

From writing to producing to mixing and mastering, this app offers everything needed to create music on the go.

iKaossilator (iOS) & Korg Kaossilator (Android) – Paid

Slightly different names across different devices, yet the same incredible app produced by Korg, the Kaossilator, has been such a useful addition to mobile music creation.

This app is packed with 150 built-in sounds as well as an intuitive sequencer, although the best feature of the Kaossilator is its use of touchscreen gestures and an X-Y interface that makes music creation on a mobile device enjoyable.

The Kaossilator is also particularly good at creating and arranging loops.

n-Track Studio (iOS & Android) –  Basic Version Free

n-Track Studio is designed as a completely functional and user-friendly DAW for mobile devices.

With the ability to record audio, program MIDI instruments, and apply audio & instrument effects, this app should not be overlooked.

When it comes to using n-Track Studio, the learning curve can be a little steep at first, but with enough time spent in the app, the workflow becomes enjoyable.

This option is great for musicians or artists wanting to work on their music in more detail.

Bandlab (iOS & Android) – Free

Bandlab is a free cloud-based mobile app that allows the user to make studio-quality music anytime, anywhere.

Combining music creation and social media, Bandlab has given users the ability to send and receive projects to other users, making collaboration as easy as ever.

Bandlab boasts 120 professionally-designed instruments as well as the ability to bring your audio and live instruments into your projects.

In addition to offering a fully functional mobile DAW, Bandlab also offers a desktop version, allowing users to take the projects further on their studio laptops or PCs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to music creation software and DAWs for mobile devices, the reality is that there are as many options as there are music genres.

Ableton Note is a fantastic option for iOS users, but we hope this article has served to offer some alternatives for others looking for a mobile application that makes music-making fun, intuitive and simple.


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